Wednesday, July 25, 2007


7 innings, no runs for Dice. 6 innings, 4 runs for Wang. Flyouts beat groundouts, 8-6, for Wang, which is not what he wants. Both teams get wins, but we continue to have the better starting and relief pitching.

Gotta love a 1-0 win. Starter, 7 innings, nothin'. Jeemer and Pap, 1 shutout inning each. Perfect. Too bad our NESN and some other cable stations went black in the top of the ninth. Fortunately, I had Castiglione at the ready, and he talked us through the last three outs.

We're the only team in baseball with more than 60 wins, and the only one with less than 40 losses.

Interesting situation tonight, the exact one that was hypothetically brought up at Joy of Sox before the season. With Pap essentially only able to go an inning at a time, do you go with him in the eighth, with a one-run lead and the tougher hitters coming up? In other words, worry about the now, then worry about next inning. My theory was that despite that this method seems to make sense, it came from the fact that we used to not be able to trust many relievers other than Jon. But now that we've got the Mighty Oak, we just go with him in the 8th automatically in that situation. It's interesting, and still debatable, how this should be handled. I'm fine with the way we do it now, but should "closer" be a defined role, or should your best go when the situation calls for him, instead of saving him for a "close situation" that may never come? I still say until there's a league-wide revolution, no closer is gonna want to come in at a point that's not the end. But that revolution has to start somewhere. Then again, I think the closer role is cool, and none of those guys would want to not get that final out, so we might as well keep Pap in that "role." Yet, ironically enough, Jeemer gets the Player of the Game, for getting the tougher outs. Albeit not the final outs. Eh, whatever. We win, either way.


I got the "Quiz Championship" package in the mail yesterday. Thanks again!
And don't forget how well Manny D. has been pitching, and Mikey Timlin. Our bullpen is fantastic.

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