Friday, July 27, 2007


It really stinks when you've got an eight-run lead with two outs in the fifth, and you don't get the win. Too bad for Gabbo, but the key thing is, the team held on to win the game, 14-9. The Wily Mo homer took the score from 9-5 to 12-5, and since the Indians ended up scoring nine, he gets my PotG award. His first, I'm pretty sure. (With his 4 for 5 night, he's just six points shy of Lugo's .225 BA.)

How 'bout them Royals? Finally they come through for us, pounding No Dice. We're back to 7.5 games up.

Tomorrow, at, well, who knows what time, really, the Yanks will finish their suspended game with the O's. The little schedules on the teams' sites have been messed up since that game was interrupted. First it gave the Yanks an 8-6 "W" and the O's a 6-8 "L". Now it just shows that game's "result" as "SUSP" on both sites. Then they show a 7:05 game--the regularly scheduled game. I guess the world will tune in to the O's or Yanks channel around 5 or so, and just sit there until baseball begins.

In the completion of the suspended game, A-Rod could hit his 493rd homer (he had 492 when that game started), which would make his most recent homer the 500th of his career. Could, mind you. Odds are he gets one at bat in that game, since it's already the eighth inning. I mean, it's not like the slim chance of this happening warrants an entire article...or does it?!

Great job, sir. You're bankin' on an all-or-nothin' at bat by A-Rod. Should he do anything but hit a home run, you've written the most irrelevant article of all time. Also, nice job on the last paragraph:

"Rodriguez entered Thursday the Major Leagues with 35 home runs and 102 RBIs..."

I've got a proposal for an article: "Yanks Could Win 2004 ALCS If Time Travel Is Invented And Brian Cashman Goes Back To The 60s And Keeps Dave Roberts' Parents From Kissing At The Fish Under The Sea Dance."

Jere, I completely forgot about that suspended's written up in the Courant not at all (talk about a bass ackwards sentence!). So, concievably, they could lose two today! At least they're finally facing a half-decent team, as we go marching merrily to Tampa Bay, the land (right now) of high humidity and many runs for the visiting club. Have a great weekend, my friend. Blogger is so slo, my post of 6;31am Friday (now) isn't even up yet! GRRRRRRR.
The completion of the suspended game will begin at 7:05 tonight, and the regularly scheduled game will follow 20 minutes after that...Have a good weekend.
have you seen this? Is this guy kidding? I love when national writers comment on the ol' rivalry... their perspective always seems about a week late. You're really missing some fun ridiculous cockiness from yankee fans around here. Can't wait to see their faces when their skanks miss the postseason by a hair.
Thanks, Quinn. Isn't that amazing MLB would not tell what time the very next game starts?

Reb: What gets me is, that guy turned that article in, and his boss, a major news organization, gave it the okay to run! You'd think the guy would be fired immediately. But nope, "Oh sure, we'll print anything..."
My favorite part? The Whitey reference, as if we're supposed to say, "Gee, he knows about Whitey...he must really know Boston!" I'm surprised, nay, shocked, that he didn't say, "And when the Red Sox lose, as they always do, including in 2004, all of the heartbroken Red Sox fans will mend their aches with an Irish whiskey at Cheers..." What a douche...
Reb, jere: Not only is the guy a complete tool, obviously, but his subtitle is this:

NL East leaders hitting summer swoon as rival Yankees lurk.

This pretty crucial mistake (yet easy to fix) has not been fixed. The article has been up for over 24 hours.

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