Sunday, July 08, 2007

And The Rest

Instead of constantly resting just enough guys to lose games, why don't we just forfeit, say, four games a year? That way, all these guys (who get paid millions of dollars to do this job) can get their (extra) rest, and we all don't have to sit through frustrating games. We'll just take the four losses, and play at full strength the rest of the time. Deal?

I heard today that a Buehrle trade was "imminent." Then I heard the White Sox re-signed him.

Bailey (pictured) got his first hit, a home run. Nice job. As Phil Conners once said, 10, 9, 8, car, 6, 5, quarters, 3, 2....

"Me, me, me and me. I'm really close on this one."

(Not sure if the quote is correct, but I'm sure you'll know it. I love Groundhog Day!)
I don't think that resting guys has really been the biggest problem; I think it's been more the fact that Manny and Papi haven't been hitting much for power lately when they are in the starting lineup. To say nothing of Drew/Varitek/etc.

This weekend gave me heartburn.
Amy: This is a man we're talking about, right?

AJM: Yeah. But overall, whatever, we're 10 games up.
"Does he have to SAY the word 'poopy'?"
That is a great scene. I like how he says "I'm really close on this one," as Amy said above, and he said "We're very, very close" in Ghostbusters.
I agree with both Jere AND AJM. The guys who need to produce aren't, and then you sit the rest. Did Kevin Youkilis really need the entire Detroit series off? Especially when, in two of these games, just ONE clutch hit might have made the difference?
Right, and then it's like, you've got him pinch hitting in one game, and on deck in the next. Is he okay to play or not? Give up these games if you must, but don't tease us into thinking we have a chance, only to come out with three losses anyway.
Bailey Quarters?
That's her.

Again, if this were a quiz, you'd have won.

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