Thursday, July 05, 2007


Terrible job! About that Fisk thing--check it out, from the RED SOX OFFICIAL WEBSITE, on the page called "History of Fenway Park":

or a catcher from New Hampshire hit a ball just fair past the left field foul pole into the cool October night.

It hit the pole! It hit the pole! Bounced right off! Did George Foster name his glove "Cool October Night McGee"? Because that's right where the ball ended up. Jesus, it's not like it's from some obscure play we never see....

Hey, remember in 1969 when astronauts flew right past the moon? Will you ever forget the tragic events of September 12th? And where were you when Kennedy was grazed? What's going on here????

My fave Sept 12 reference came a few months after 9/11, when one of my waiters took payment for a check with a credit card that looked like the American flag. He looked at it, held up, and calmly said, "Visa card holder, since September 12."

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