Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I looked at my little pile of leftover vids that I'd transferred to my laptop before leaving NYC (I still have to hook up my TV-capturin' device here in my new home) and found this one. I'd grabbed it just because it shows a young Wakefield, but now I see it's got Bonds at the beginning. It kind of fits now since I saw one face the other two days ago, almost 15 years after the above took place. So I uploaded it to GooTube. Enjoy. [If you work at em el bee, please, let this slide, eh? It's six seconds long. Is it really harming anyone? Don't make me lose my GooTube account again. Thanks.]

I didn't get to see the first half of the game, but when I heard Coco had hit two homers, I thought, Wow, I wouldn't have guessed he'd do that if you gave me nine guesses. So I tested my theory on the next person I saw, who's name I won't mention. I said, "Guess who hit two homers for us tonight? I'll give you seven guesses." She got it right--on her tenth guess.

Hadn't listened to EEI in a while. Tried it today several times, and despite the fact that Tom Caron was filling in for someone, I never heard them talk about anything but hockey. In June. Terrible job.

Edes said on Extra Bases that Coco had homered twice in a game on 7/22/06. Then he corrected himself, saying that the media guide dude said he'd been incorrect in saying Coco had had two-homer games four times before, and that this was actually his first. I checked that date, and found someone who homered twice: Julio Lugo. I checked his career to see he'd had--of course--four two-homer games before that. How does a mistake like that get made? Terrible job again.


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