Saturday, June 02, 2007

"You Know How I Hate Losin' To The Pie-ritz!"

Or in my case, the Yankees. Did anyone catch Drinkwater's [object]-toss to Kapstein in the sixth? Was that a water bottle? It happened right after we hit into a DP. Also, Kapstein was sitting with a man who looked an awful lot like him. Possibly a brother. It was like Kapper in a white wig.

Three highlights from tonight:

1. Any time the Yanks are up six going to the ninth, and they have to bring in Mari-ahhh NO Peg Rivera, that's a good thing.

2. Nice job by the "she-males" in the crowd. Even a grandma-looking lady got into the act.

3. A-Rod getting thrown out by Manny was fun. Again, anyone who regularly watches the Sox knew if he was gonna go for two, he was getting thrown out by the master of the Monster, Manny. Anyone who's a fucking idiot and thinks Manny doesn't know how to play baseball because he has weird hair is saying "Heyy, that's not Manny being Manny, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

The Assman was throwing at Youk. I don't care what Posada thinks. Wow, I'm watching Youk's interview and he's pissed. Lots of "no comment" action. Assman also says he wasn't throwing at him. I don't know, man. Terrible job. We're movin' on, though.

My mom's right: Jerry Remy is pretty blatantly anti-Red Sox. Many examples--One tonight, when he said the Yanks should be in the dugout, after a ball call went against them. Why didn't he say that about the Sox the inning before after all the bad calls the umps made against Wake? And tonight he defended A-Rod on the bush league play, even saying it happened to him all the time, and he tried it on others. Just sounds like "diffuse the situation" talk to me. This is a weird thing to say about your announcer, but I wish he'd stop commenting on the game and stick to having laughing fits and stuff.

The DPs were tough tonight. I feel like everybody except the hitter knows Wang's trying to get him to hit a grounder. And then they do it. We were down six by the time he started getting DPs, but they really killed any chance of clawing our way back. That crap was frustrating me. But we're still lots and lots of games ahead.

How did we all ever allow Wang to be called "Wong"? I say every announcer should just start calling him by his name. If he can't handle people calling him "wang" (his name), he should go down to city hall and change it to Wong. Isn't that so Yankees? "Oh, we can't handle reality, so we'll make our own rules."

Okay, on Abreu's slide into third: His foot hit the bag before Youk's glove hit him. Then, he continued on, leaving the bag entirely, before touching it with his hand. While he was off the bag, I think Youk's glove was still on him. It's tough to tell since NESN only focuses on when the foot hit. Am I the only one who noticed this? Abreu coming off the bag is why the ump called him out. Funny how Torre got ejected over this....

pic of Chris Collins by me, just because

Remy pisses me off to no end with the way he's so quick to slam the Sox. He seemingly hates Pedroia and Manny and on the whole goes out of his way to try and NOT sound like a homer.

I like his analysis, but he needs to cut the anti-Sox stuff.
Okay, so others notice this... nice.
Whilst in NY, we were stuck with the NONSTOP BLATHER of "Backwards" K, attempting to sound sooooooooooo "Sterling", in other words "Soooooooo SHILL."
Remy has also been really pissing me off lately. (And this coming from someone who thinks that Don and Remy are the most enjoyable anouncers in the game.) I can appreciate him not wanting to be a "homer," but he's taking it to the opposite extreme. Honestly, sometimes it seems like he hates the Sox. I wanted to reach through the screen last night and slap him.

If a questionable call goes the Sox's way--and if the replay shows that the call was absolutely correct--he will say it was "tough to tell," or "very close." (Uh, no it isn't "tough to tell," you jackass. The replay clearly shows he went around. What's the matter with you?)

But if a questionable call goes the Sox's way--and the replay confirms it wasn't a correct call--then he won't just mention it once, but he will harp on it repeatedly. WTF? Sometimes I think I'm listening to Michael Kay.

I can't wait for the next NESN game when he get to hear Remy repeatedly say that throwing a 90+ heater at Youk's head was no big deal. And that people did it all the time in his day and Youk should just take the fastball to his face like a man and not complain about it.
Well, Wang is chinese and his name has always been pronounced "Wong." The spelling is what happens when you romanize his chinese name into english and there is usually already a set system for doing that. So it's not really his or the yankees' fault. I guess it's sort of like "Javier" being pronounced "Havier," if you know what I mean...

Anyway, we still have two games ahead of us and the pitching matchups are slightly in our favor... Lots of chances to give the Yankees the beat down and maybe hit a guy or two.
The YES Network, which we were forced to endure here in NYC, NEVER showed the fans wearing the silly masks before A-Rod got up in the second...I didn't know that happened until I got up this morning and saw the morning papers.
"My mom's right: Jerry Remy is pretty blatantly anti-Red Sox."

WOW. Wow.
Don't get the Wow comment. This is the first year of my life being able to see Remy on a regular basis, so if I'm saying obvious stuff, sorry.

About Wang--I understand the whole thing about different words and different languages. The point is, his was Americanized to "Wang," which is pronounced "wang."
I've watched around 90% of the Sox games over the past 4 seasons.

"Jerry Remy is pretty blatantly anti-Red Sox" is cuh-RAZY. Crazy.
Even Joe Torre said Arid was wrong to do what he did in Toronto.
Nothing Remy says will top his pre-season pick of the Yankees winning the division and Arrid, MVP.
He's taking pride in being objective. But he's OUR color guy. No one expects him to be objective. Sheesh!
(Jere's Mom)
I think I'm with BS Memorial, I don't see Remy as anti-Red Sox.
We've seen some pretty good examples in these comments of how he's anti-.

Maybe after years of my main announcers being the two biggest homers this side of Rizzuto (Sterling and Kay), Remy just sounds like he's AGAINST his own team when he's just being objective. But seriously, since I've been watching regularly, which means this season since I never had full access to NESN in the past, he's said a lot of things that go against the Sox, where I'd expect the Sox announcer to defend them.

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