Friday, June 29, 2007

Yanks: 2-0 In Two Recent Non-Wins

As reader Allen points out, the Yanks, according to their official site, would have you believe they've got two more wins than they actually do.

One headline reads "Clemens' K streak snapped in O's loss." The O's didn't lose that game, the Yankees did. They mean " his loss to O's," but the wording they chose is going to make most people reading it think that the O's lost.

Then, in their mini-schedule on the front page, which shows past results, last night's suspended game is shown as "W 8-6." This is a suspended game. It's not over yet. Maybe an "S" would've been a better choice.

If you ever play golf (or mini-golf) with someone from the Yankees organization, keep their score on your scorecard, and see if it matches theirs at the end of the round.

Can you believe there are no red sox in this all star game ad?

Not ONE? And I count at least 4 yanks/mets.
What do you mean? Nomar's in there. Ha.

Yeah, TJ on no Sox. I'm fine with Mets being in there, though.
I, for one, am glad I know this.

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