Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yankees Mid-Game Update

Clemens just singled for the Yanks. But Damon lined into a double play to end the inning. 2-2 in the fifth right now.

You know what I hate? How almost every time I flip on the Yanks on, it's the Yes coverage, as opposed to the other team's.

And I'll take ya one further. Whenever EEI/RKO plays a Yankee highlight, it will also be the Yankee radio call. Fine if we get to hear Sterling call the other team homering, but NO Red Sox fan, especially when trying to enjoy a Red Sox game, wants to hear Sterling drooling all over a Yankee homer. Seems like NESN does the same thing, always showing the YES coverage. Why is this? If I were in charge, I'd choose the other team's coverage every time--unless it's some horrible, heartbreaking play that goes against the Yanks, at which time I'd grab a Sterling or Kay call.

Wow, Kaz Matsui is finally good. From what I've seen of him against the Sox and Yanks, I'd estimate his average is 1.000 and he has 1,000 stolen bases this season. If you followed his Mets career (or just listen to the FAN a lot), you know why Kaz being any good at all seems completely impossible.

Ooh, single by Holliday scores Kaz, and the Purple Rox lead 3-2.

And they pull Roger! Ha. 4 and a third for him, 3 runs, 7 hits, and responsible for the guy on base. He continues his spectacularly average season. That guy is weak. 90 pitches and he's done, with one out in the fourth. I am loving this.

Oh, wait, I guess I must be totally wrong, as Singleton is acting like Clemens just pitched a stellar game and that "the altitude got to him." Sure. So they're bringing in Myers to face Helton--in the fifth! What are you gonna do when he comes up in the eighth, Torre? And boom, it's a single for Helton, and the runner gets third on Damon's arm. (Kay: "He was playing so deep...." It never ends with these guys...) And out comes Myers. He "did his job" as usual.

The Assman's in, and a sac fly makes it 4-2 us. So it's about a run per inning for the fizzling rocket. ERA almost up to five now.


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