Wednesday, June 06, 2007

(What Will Be) The Final Update Tonight

Nice job by Lopez getting out of it. I take back everything I said. Again, we need two in the ninth to tie.... I wonder if those two girls will be voguing behind the plate like last night.

And again, Captain Cheese on the hill for them.

One down. Oh, just saying, the solution to Drew shitting the bed is not platooning him with Wily Mo. That'd be like if I kept falling down in my new shoes, so I go to the store and buy another pair of the same shoes.

Two away. Come on, Cheese, throw some gophers....

Crap, the baseball gods thought I was standing with two outs and two strikes in the ninth for the reason of rooting for the last strike. I only got up to plug in my laptop, since it got down to reserve power! Not fair. I did run back to the couch and remove BOTH feet from the floor in time for that last pitch, but it was too late. Called strike three, and we're shut out. Nice job by Lenny tonight. He deserved to "shove it up our fucking ass" a la Rick Vaughn. I didn't expect any less from him. Still, five freakin' DPs? TJ by us. We're up 9 over Toronto after their earlier-described win.

Mighty Quinn's got the recent Matt Damon appearance on Letterman up. I recommend checking it out.


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