Friday, June 15, 2007

We Might Be Red Sox

We're up 8.5 again. A blowout win leading to the third night in a row of that security guy behind home plate having to do extra work.

And a quality Clemens start wasted. Beautiful.

Excellent job by Pedroia and Drew tonight. But Manny Ramirez, for his sweet catch, and his hustle on the grounder that knocked in the run to put us ahead to stay, is the JPotG award-winner tonight.

I've got to say, even though I enjoy your blog, sometimes your POTG picks seem a little strange. (No offense intended.)
And last night's winning ways led to this morning's "can't wait to read the sports pages" bliss! Lovin' it......
MH: The JPotG Award goes to somebody who does something cool or awesome or unique that I like, in a Red Sox win. I didn't want to just pick the best player in each game because that's too obvious for a blog like this one. Glad you like the blog.

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