Friday, June 01, 2007

Walkin' Around Frisco

Stuff I found in San Fran:

Carrying a ladder.

On a ladder.

Dog-walkin' ghosts.

Bondage shop.

Police, Tow Me Please. Free.


Giants fan.
Maybe I'll try to find one fan of every team... help me if you like. [Update: Yankee "fan."] [Update: Saw a Cubs-blue "Believe!" shirt and thought I had a Cubs fan. Then I noticed it was just a guy at a Jesus rally (check out the sign behind him.)]

Homeless dudes chillin.'

The SF map has better zooming capabilities than NY. This thing is getting crazy. I've been seeing it on the news...

[Update, 11:46 PM: I may have confused some people with this. I'm not in San Fran. I was just finding these things on the new Street View feature on Google Maps. When I said I've been seeing it on the news, I meant that there's a lot of talk about this new technology, what with privacy issues and terrorists. I'm still here in good ol' 1955, aka Boston...though it would be cool if you could put your OWN pics onto Google maps in the spot where you took them. Oh, and the reason I was "walking" around San Fran--just click and drag for the 360-degree view or click the white arrows to move along the streets--is because they only have a few cities so far, and the zooming is the clearest on SF. But NYC is still fun, even with weaker zoom, because I know it so well. I don't know crap about SF.]

Hey-I saw all those things today too! The "?" is a bar in the SOMA neighborhood (south of market). I forget the name of it but that cow gets redecorated all the time.
Too bad you couldn't find the strike zone for Wakey tonight. Tito should have skipped him this series and gone w/Tavarez tonight instead.
Here is one of my favorites in San Francisco:,-122.414302&cbp=2,87.6737462005127,0.327544565550794,2&ll=37.780959,-122.412372&spn=0.018452,0.051627&z=15
AJM: There was talk of that in our house, too.

SFSF: I think you gave the wrong link--your link takes me to that same cow...thing....
Hey Man, I love your site by the way. One of the best Sox sites Ive seen on the interwebs. That being said, I felt as if your "Homeless Dudes Chillin'" link was done in a bit of distaste. They are people too and when you say "chillin" it almost seems as if you are making a joke of their current situation. I dunno, maybe im upset about the game tonight, but I just thought that link was in bad taste. Anyways, we are still 12.5 ahead. YANKEES SUCK!!!!!!
I wasn't trying to say anything bad about homeless people. I promise. I figured "chillin'" was more "tasteful" than "lying in the gutter," or something like that. Here's a post I did making fun of the guy who sued the homeless people:

I'm a left-wing commie pinko. We love homeless people.

Glad you like the site.
Oops, I messed up on the link.Sorry 'bout that. I posted it on my blog. It's a cool building that I pass often - also in the SOMA area.
Okay, I saw it. Nice. Lots of good graffiti all over that area...

At the risk of offending anyone, while going around the neighborhood sanfransoxfan "took" me to, here's another shot of homeless people. I think it's interesting because it looks like the one guy is paying the parking meter while the other guy sleeps:,+ca&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=34.313287,59.765625&ie=UTF8&om=0&layer=c&cbll=37.779679,-122.407051&cbp=1,353.409522778832,0.561226703857792,3&ll=37.784113,-122.405741&spn=0.009225,0.018775&z=16
This is a little like "Where's Waldo." And in this game I can never find Waldo. And I'm zoomed all the way in. You guys have skills.

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