Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here's the current AL All-Star ballot update. (bottom of page) Voting ends tomorrow, so get your 25 ballots in. But don't just do the classic "all Red Sox" ballot. Well, do it if you want, but with these updated numbers, we can help to keep Yankees out. (Some of you are saying, "Wait, aren't we supposed to vote for the best players?" Heh. So naive, this kid. If it's a popularity contest they want, that's what we'll give 'em. Robinson Cano has nearly twice as many votes as Dustin Pedroia. The last thing this is is fair. Now let's get to the fake voting.)

Starting with outfield, where the top three vote getters will be the starters (although Hazel Mae thinks it's the top one only): We've got Manny just barely out of the top three. So I give a vote for Manny, and a vote for any two guys besides the three in front of him. So NO votes for Ichiro, Ordonez, or Vlad. It's funny how the six outfielders for us and the Yanks are currently all in the top 12: 4th, and 8th through 12th, despite the fact that almost all of them are having crappy seasons. This shows just how many Sox and Yanks fans there are. But, what, are we stupid? More people have voted for J.D. Drew than for Pedroia. And almost that many have voted for Lugo! I want our guys in, but I'm sure as hell not voting for Drew or Lugo. Jeez.

1st base: Obvious. Just add to Papi's huge lead. Don't worry about Youk. He'll get in without us going against Papi to write in his name. I thought that whole campaign was stupid from day one.

2nd base: At this point, gotta go Polanco. Cano is close to him, while Pedroia is way back. We've got to keep Cano out of the automatic bid, and trust Pedroia gets chosen as a back-up. Though I still might throw in a vote or two out of my allotted 25 for Dustin, just for the thrill of it.

Shortstop: Jeter has a huge lead. Guillen is the closest to him, so let's vote for him to close up the gap. That's all we can do there.

3rd base: Again, A-Rod has a huge lead, but in this case, our guy is second, so vote Lowell.

Catcher: Posada's pretty close to first, and Tek is way down there, so I gotta vote for the first place guy to try to stop Posada from taking the top spot, though he'll probably get in as a reserve. Ivan Rodriguez gets the nod.

National League voting update: Don't care. [Update: Actually, I was about to skip over the NL page on the ballot when "Garciaparra" caught my eye. Which made me think of Dave Roberts. So they get 25 votes each from me.]

Remember, vote for anyone you want. Also remember this is all bullshit. Hopefully my suggestions helped.

Your suggestions, on many levels, are priceless. But then, I'm your mother. Will vote my conscience...
Ha ha, I always ballot-stuff for Dave Roberts too. It's the least I can do, y'know?
I'm pretty sure I said this last year (my how time flies), but at this point not only do I not care about the All-Star Game, I actually have a strong preference that Sox players not participate in it. Used to love the game when I was a kid, but with way too many Interleague games already, what's the point of an AL v NL exhibition anymore?

I'd like to see Youks and Pedroia make the team, just because I know it'd be a big thrill for those two guys specifically, but I'd rather have all our other key guys like Manny, Papi, Papelbon, and even Beckett, taking a few days off to relax and rest up for the 2nd half. Strikes me as far more important. Let ARod and Posada do all the heavy lifting to get the AL home-field advantage in the WS. Hopefully ARod does the HR derby thing too, and wears himself out for the stretch.
That's a good point, which Red Sox Chick also made. And that's another case against interleague play, the ruining of the All-Star Game, which is already ruined since it determines the WS home field advantage, despite its home field not alternating between leagues anyway.

I guess the best thing would be for all our guys to get recognized, than have them all sit out the game and have the Yankee alternates all pull muscles.

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