Wednesday, June 27, 2007

10-Game Lead Frustration: Not As Bad As Regular Type

I was mad at the Orioles for a while there, having Pettitte on the ropes several times, but only having two runs. All these baserunners, yet I knew a quick 2-run homer could tie it, and that's just what Damon hit. But the O's hung in, and kept it at 2-2. In the ninth, Proctor walked a guy to load the bases, then supposedly hit the next guy, but it was called a ball, and then he walked him anyway. O's win.

At the same time, Gabbo was doing the same thing in the first inning of our game. Three runs, driven in by a HBP and two walks. Both teams are being frustrated over and over, but both are scoring, too. Weird game. A home run by Rickey Gender-son* just made it 8-6 them in the bottom of the sixth, after we'd scored two in the top to tie it.

I'd say I'm all pissed ad frustrated and whatnot, but I know Mariner fans think they should have about 14 runs right now, so I'm glad we're still within two. Adrian Beltre just appealed to first on his own check swing.

Manny's resting tonight. Perhaps we'd have a few more runs if he were in the lineup. I'm not a big fan of all the resting, as you know. We should be mainly playing with our true starting nine. Yet we seem to rest a guy every day, sometimes two guys a day. Eh, I guess I shouldn't complain unless this really starts costing us, but, come on, we got this big lead with these guys. Stick with 'em. How about this--every, say, two months, when we're facing a really awesome pitcher, rest all nine starters. Put the relievers in the field, and have Snyder pitch nine innings. I like that method over risking losing nearly every game by always having a guy sitting out. Actually, fine, do it this way. But every time a starter is given a day off, one day of his salary is divided amongst, let's say, me.

Update: We lose. Too bad the ump got nervous and missed the key call, meaning we all stayed up 'til 1:30 only to have some guy ruin everything when a robot could've done the job right. MLB, it's time to get 'bots. Not just for the bad calls that go against us, but for all of them. Again, I can't get too frustrated--the M's had 22 baserunners and won by one. They'd have been much more frustrated than we are if they'd lost. We just have to go out, put the FULL LINEUP out there, and beat the guy with the over-8 ERA tomorrow. Although we couldn't beat Weaver, who was also above 8.00. We've still got the best record in baseball, and a ten game lead. 11 on the Yanks. No sleep lost. If this had been a playoff game, I'd go down the list of frustrations tonight, but we'll just move on instead.

*Rickey Gender-son! Huh? Huh? Richie Sex son = Rickey Gender son. I'm very proud of this nickname. Please spread the word at your office.

You're right....we're OK. But boy oh boy, we need a 4:30 Seattle win this afternoon! Daisuke!!!!

While the Yanks continue there losing ways at home (after getting swept in Bal'more) against Oakland, Minnesota and the Angels(what again? another visit by "WE OWN THE YANKEES" Angels??? (We'll take it for the Stankers getting to beat-up on AAA Pittsburgh a few weeks back). Oh my goodness gracious! of all the things I've seen: Rogers Clemens beat AAA Pittsburgh!).

All while the Sox sweep last place teams right before the All Star Break!!!

20 up on the Stankees at the break!!!!

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