Friday, June 22, 2007

The Thing With The Uniforms

Tonight is '80s retro night in San Diego. According to Quinn's site, the Red Sox and Padres will be wearing their 1982 uniforms. (I can't find any documentation anywhere else giving the exact year, but I'm sure Quinn has his sources.)

If it is the '82 uniforms, let's keep an eye on them. Not the Padres ones--of course theirs will be the main focus compared to the bland Red Sox ones. I'm talking about, of course, the positioning of the letters on the chests of the Sox. It should have the BOS to the left of the buttons and the TON to the right, with a space along the button zone. It was '84 when we (most players) switched to the style with BO on the left, then the S on the button line to the right of the flap, followed by TON.

What I better not see is these modern-day replicas (inexplicably referred to as "official") which have the S cut in half, to perfectly center BOSTON. (Actually, after seeing some of these up close, there are really one and a half S's. One full S below the flap which is half covered. And another half S on the flap, covering half of the lower S.

Also, the letters shouldn't be sewn on and raised, like they are on the modern retro jerseys (which also, TERRIBLY, have the player names on the back). They should be cheesy iron-on style.

I have written about this extensively, and actually have been planning another article about it, which, thanks to this development of the team actually wearing the old uniforms tonight, will be up here at some point before Monday morning.

Oh, and keep an eye out for stirrups!

Well, it looks like they got the BOS TON lettering right, but they didn't bother to wear the classic stirrup socks with the blue and white stripes...too bad.

It's also too bad that Dice couldn't find the strike zone in the first inning. Need to hit Greg 'Widest Strike Zone in History' Maddux
They are definitely the right ones: BOS on the left, TON on the right. The back just has the #, no last names and it is definitely iron-on. The front looks like it is iron-on, too, but it is harder to tell from tv.
Funny, I was just about to post about this, champ.
Even funnier, Kara also chimes in the moment I'm responding to AJM.
A few days ago I got an email from my friend Ken that the Padres were honoring Tony Gwynn's debut, so they made it 1982 Retro Night. They have it every year and did a great job with it. I'll have more about it on my blog today. Thanks for the link, Jere...

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