Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TFF And The Other One

Clemens' ERA up to 5.32, as Dunbar loses again, 4-0, and are now two back of the Jays for third. My girlfriend just coined two phrases: Top-feeder frustration (what we're experiencing, knowing we could be pulling away if we were winning) and, you guessed it, bottom-feeder frustration (what the Yanks are experiencing, knowing they could be gaining on us if only they could win).

So let's end the TFF Friday, back in the good ol' 1955 that is the Hub.

One more thing about that Manny/L'Monstro story that appeared on NESN. At least one site was pissed about it, not only because they felt Manny was "getting away" with only talking to the media about non-baseball stuff, but because they thought it was a bad report, with Manny staying silent much of the time. I had the complete opposite opinion. First of all, Manny can do what he wants. I was psyched to see him in that casual setting, even talking directly to the camera. Even if I wasn't a fan, I think I'd still be happy to see him in a report like that. This site I read was saying NESN should have a baseball-related interview with him to balance it out. Why should they do that? There are so many non-baseball things on NESN you could complain about. At least this showed one of our beloved Red Sox--one we hardly ever hear from off the field. Secondly, the video that appears on the NESN site is not the entire video! There's more, where Manny's sitting in the chair actually getting the dreads dyed or whatever, and he's talking and stuff. Totally not awkward. A fun report. Not to be made fun of for any reason. Terrible job, whatever site that was.... I hate these sites that just continue to make fun of Manny no matter what he does. Screw those sites.

Oh, I bring this up because Manny wore "L'Monstro 99" wristbands today. L'Monstro wore a Sox jersey with number 100 on the back in the video....[Update: I grabbed a poor-person's screen shot. See below. It says "LMONTRO 99". Maybe there isn't supposed to be an S in there. I don't know...]

And here's the jersey, from the video. Clearly an S in there. Now I'm tryin' to figure out what this guy's number and name are.

I too was a little disappointed that he didn't say much, but... it was very Manny. And I enjoyed it for that reason.
But that's what I'm saying--on the one I saw on TV, there was more, and he talked a lot! It's too bad NESN left that part out of the internet version.
I pretty much love everything Manny does, on or off the field...selling the grill on eBay, double-pointing at everyone...except for the route that he took to that flyball last night. Ah well, the way things were going, we probably weren't gonna win that one anyway. How is it even possible to be 0-for-31?
...or 1-for-39?

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