Thursday, June 21, 2007


[Update, 6:14 PM: Yanks lose. Swept. 10.5 game lead! Toronto can get really close to the Yanks tonight, and we've got a night off. See comments section below for ninth inning action...]

There's something fishy about Girardi turning down the Orioles managing job. Maybe not fishy, but definitely brine-smelling in some way. Does this mean Torre's out soon and Girardi's been promised the job? What about Mattingly?

It's not Torreabla, it's Torrealba, Ken Singleton. I tell ya, that Singleton's a triple short of a cycle if you know what I mean. (Edit, 6/22/07, 4:31 PM: Tom Caron on EEI just said "Toreabla," too. I can only imagine what Mad Dog calls this guy...)

A Jeter baserunning blunder just possibly cost the Yanks a run. So it's still 4-2. Jorge Julio actually came in and got Matsui to end the sixth. Remember how he used to do against the Yanks as an Oriole? Oy. But apparently he's staying in, because they just let him hit...and he walks! But no runs for the Rox. Still 4-2 anti-bad guys after six.

I'm listening to the Rockies on GameDay Audio because I'd rather drown in my own blood then listen to one minute of Sterling or "Fenway" Waldman, much less that idiot Kay.
This is what I like to hear from my readers.....

I've done a good job of avoiding them this year, usually just putting their game on the Gameday. But, as always, I feel the need to let RSN know the ridiculous things these people are saying. Today I wanted to see the game, so I'm dealing with Kay and Singleton. (Also, it's fun to hear Kay when the Yanks are losing, like right now.)

Did Gameday Audio mention anything about A-Rod with a Kleenex stuffed up his nose?
We go to the ninth. Yanks down one. So funny seeing Damon playing first. It's like, "Is this what you wanted, Johnny?" What a doofus.

Fuentes in for the Rox.
Matsui up. Popup. 1 away., Peg up.


"Hard to believe, a Yankee team that came in absolutely on fire...bats have been's hard to one uut away from being swept." --Kay

As A-Rod holds up a towel to his nose. God, this is hilarious. "Your soul's escaping from your body, A-Rod!"

Crowd chanting "sweep."


Ken still saying "TorreABLA." Habla ingles, Kenny?

Struck him out! Rox sweep!
I'm not surprised at all by Girardi's decision. He left Florida because he couldn't get along with Loria, so why would he want to put up with Angelos? He realizes that the O's are not just bad, but fairly old, so they'll stay bad for a while.

I doubt that anything's imminent with Torre. My guess is that Joey Four-Rings is safe for this season, but decides to pack it in at the end of the year. I think Girardi is wise to bide his time in the Dunbar broadcast booth.
The weird thing is, I wasn't even thinking this year (until my girlfriend, just now while we were out, asked if I thought Torre was in danger if the Yanks don't get back in it by the break--at which point I was like, Oh yeahhh, that's right, Girardi could go right into that job in a few weeks. But I originally meant for '08.)

But anyway, I still gotta figure, a big market AL East team, who asked you first, and you're a young manager-type, you gotta go in there and take that job. Like a challenge, you know? I just don't see a guy like that turning something like that down unless something else is going on. But you could be right. I wouldn't take the O's job either...
Oh, and what's this I hear about Angelos selling to Ripken? Another reason people should be more likely to want that job, I'd think.

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