Friday, June 08, 2007

State Of Things

Take a look at Extra Bases and see if you notice what I did.

A bunch of posts by Amalie giving you exactly what went on yesterday in Oakland, and then after the game in the clubhouses. But mixed in, there's one post by the Dirty One himself, Steve Silva. His post? A transcript of an interview taken off of TV that we all saw anyway.

That shows perfectly how irrelevant that guy is. Is Dirtdogs even a site anymore? I'm not joking. Is it? Seriously, if you still go there, I'm telling you, you can better your life by stopping. It's fun and liberating. It's too bad it gained such a big following, to the point where new Sox bloggers will start up a blog, immediately linking to it. I like watching blogs evolve from: Person who reads DD and wants to do their own version of it TO person who found their own style and voice TO person who realizes DD is irrelevant (with a twist o' racism!).

Then again, some sites just see a "template" that works (read: USA Today, least common denominator-style) and just milk it to death, not worrying about little things like truth, originality and spine.

Side note: Isn't it funny how when I did the above-linked post on Amalie, the pic I used was, like, her graduation picture or something? It was the only one of her online at the time, and it was from some old Washington Post thing, I think. Yet now, she's an everyday face of Red Sox Nation. Also funny how that post was also saying Amalie: good, DD: bad.

Update: Nine minutes after I posted this, Silva put up a new post, now at the top of the Extra Bases blog. Fittingly, it's yet another story he just grabbed from somewhere else online. Is this really all it takes to work for the Globe. Once and for all, sop insulting every fan, Globe, and fire Steve Silva.

I like watching her on NESN with Tina Cervasio. Tina has this "who is this little chippy" attitude with Amalie. It's catty and hilarious.
F--- Steve Silva:

Wait! He might LIKE it.
Am I the only person on the planet who thinks Amalie Benjamin is in WAY over her head???
Will be answered in a big post much later tonight....
Steve Silva: Dead To Me.

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