Friday, June 22, 2007

Stat Of The Week

Only 159 players in the majors currently have a slugging percentage higher than Johnny Damon's.

If you think Coco's doing badly, or if you've still got Yankee fans inexplicably, desperately telling you things like, "tell Theo thanks for Damon," as if they're a winner and you're a loser, despite that Damon only has a ring with the Red Sox, note that Coco's stats this year are almost identical to Damon's. (Only Coco plays defense and is six years younger--and is hitting almost a hundred points higher than Damon this month.)

Yankee fan: "But Damon's injured."

Red Sox fan: "We know."

It;s so funny to see him DHing, or playing first base!!!
I was reading the message board at last night and there is a thread about Damon and how he 'wasn't this hurt' when he was with the Sox.

How soon they all forget the majority of Sox fans saying the contract the Yanks gave him wasn't going to be worth much once his battered and OLDER body took over.
Ha. It's true.

I sold him short, saying 160 people are ahead of him in slugging. He's actually in 160th place, so there are only 159 ahead of him. I apologize. I have fixed this in the post above..

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