Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Spinnin' The Midnight Wheel Of Fish

I don't get it. Buehrle is supposedly on the block. After all these years of the Yanks getting hitter after hitter and learning their lesson year after year that pitching wins championships, shouldn't they be the top contender in the Buehrle sweepstakes? Yet they're not even mentioned. (But Todd Helton's name keeps coming up--unless he's got a potion that can make pitchers younger, he's not solving the problem!)

Of course, there's the theory that every pitcher Cashman touches turns to pyrite.

We'd noticed at our house that Remy had dyed his hair. Which is weird, since it wasn't gray. The new bank commercial he's on (he's currently on three commercials airing on NESN) shows him with the really dark hair. Tonight, Orsillo brought it up, asking if it's a mid-life crisis. It was also pointed out that he dyed the mustache as well. Remy mentioned--actually, as I write this sentence, he's now plugging the Matsuzaka album I was about to mention. Wow, they just played a sample, with he and Orsillo rapping. Look, everybody's gonna be talking about this, so just check the link, and hopefully this'll be the last time I mention this....

Julian Tavarez is pitching fairly well again. This is one of those games where we should be up big, but we kept them in it, and now they've tied it--and now they've taken the lead....

Remember that picture I took of Tavarez taking chicken from that dude during batting practice? I changed the caption to "Do Not Feed the Animals" and have put it on a T-shirt, which you can buy here. At least one person I know is buying it (me), so join the fun! (You'll notice there are currently no other products in the Terrible Job Store. I'll let you know if I add anything. Also note I'll never sell anything on this site that isn't my own stuff. But keep those form letters coming, ticket agencies, telling me that my site would be a perfect place for your ads, even though it clearly says "Ad-Free Blog" right at the top of my links section! Thanks! You've got my act pegged!)

Heard people on EEI talking about that whole deal with the Yanks playing the Pirates this season. I thought maybe they'd give a reason--instead, they just said "nobody knows." My earlier theory was that it had to with the fact that the divisions have different numbers of teams, and the NL has two more teams than we do. So you can't get it exact, and as we know, you usually end up skipping one team from the division you're playing against. And since the Pirates play two series against one division, two against another, and one against a third, they must not be able to make it so each team plays one division. (Plus the fake-ass, made for New York, "natural rivalry" games.) All this just adds to the unfairness that goes hand-in-hand with interleague play. And then there's the All-Star Game affecting who gets home field advantage in the World Series. You'd think that besides picking the actual best players to play in the game, instead of keeping it the popularity contest it's always been, they'd at least keep alternating the league of the home park. Yet this year will be the second year in a row with the game in an NL park. What is Selig doing and why can't we do anything about it?

Now KySny is walking in runs left and right....

I've written this entire post in the fifth inning, and it's still going.

Update: It's now the seventh. That top of the sixth pissed me off. Down 4, we get the first two guys on. Coco swings for the fences on the first pitch he sees, flying out, not moving any runners along. Then Julio "Edgar Renteria: Havana Nights" Lugo comes up, so you know we've got the same chance of a hit as we would if the rotting corpse of Fred Gwynne were up there with a bat leaning up against it. ("Didn't he die a long time ago?" "Yes.") He flies out, although he moves one runner up, but now there are two outs. Then it's the melancholy Drew, who's swinging with about as much vigor as a coach during fielding practice for a squad of six year-olds. End of inning on his weak bloop to second.

Stat of the week: David Ortiz' OPS in June is over 750 points higher than Lugo's (1.076 to .320).

Now Timlin's given up back-to-back bombs, and it's 9-2 them.

9th inning update: In the 8th, we had 'em loaded with one out and Wily Mo up. In our house, we always say, "Just as long as you only make one out per at bat, Wily." He broke that rule, ending the inning. Now in the 9th, it's another opportunity, with second and third, none out. We've had 7 hits, 5 walks, and two hit batsmen. And two runs. So it makes sense that there are now two outs, as neither Ortiz nor Hinske could hit even a fly ball to the outfield. Hey! Youk comes through with a double, and it's 9-4. Next three guys need to get on now, then the tying run will be up. Lowell watched strike three. End of game. Toronto won, so we're up 10 on them, 11 on the Yanks. That makes me feel better after this winnable game.

Iron Pyrite:

"Fools Gold";

Learned that in a Catholic Grammar School in Brooklyn

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