Monday, June 25, 2007

Sox @ Petco Pix

The rest of cousin Kara's pictures from Saturday (click 4 big):
Here's a nice panorama from her seats.

Some kind of crazy entrance to Petco Park.

Wakefield warming up. Notice the guy facing you in the hat. I was wondering why he had a laminated card around his neck. It took me a while, but I figured out that this guy is an usher. You can see more people with the same hat to his left in the background. What, do San Diego Zoo-keepers double as ushers?

Some Sox in the outfield. Good angle on the center field batter's eye.



The infield.

Lopez climbs the wall. This pic was taken from behind the left field fence. I like how there are several spots in the park where you can see through the outfield fence.

Papi makes the play at first. Not many Sox fans can say they've seen David Ortiz play the field....

Papi swings, with the runner going.

Two of the many Sox fans in San Diego look on. Great job by all the Sox fans who were at the park this weekend. And great job by Kara for sharing these shots with us. Thank you, Kara.

Sox in Seattle tonight. Good to be back in the good old 1955 that is intraleague baseball. But we still have to stay up late. However, as I've said, I love the late games. In fact, the Saturday night game was perfect. My girlfriend and I were able to enjoy all of Saturday, even going to an 8:00 movie, without missing the game. And I always stay up until at least 1:00 AM anyway. Maybe I should move to the Azores, where it's 7 at 11.


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