Thursday, June 07, 2007

Seriously, Come On/Go East, Young Chan

Wow, Tito just went nuts. I don't blame him, after the shitty calls. That was absolutely A-Rod of Ellis to lean into that pitch like that. And you have to ask for help on a check swing that's anywhere close to borderline.

I couldn't find the Rollins pic I thought of when Tito was yelling like that, but this one's close. We go to the ninth, again needing runs...

...and we're done. Three losses by a total of...four runs I guess. Stupid west coast. I hate manifest destiny. Imagine a world where we just had let the natives run free out west. Each November, after our World Series, which would've been called the USA Series, our champion would play the native champion, complete with a Thanksgiving feast. And "west coast" would mean St. Louis. I did say I like the late games--but only because I like to stay up late anyway. I hate the fact that my Red Sox have to fly far away and get jet lag and stuff, and play in these crazy parks year after year. Let's make this "new world" happen. West coasters, how about each of you give your house to a Native American and head back east, to the good ol' USA.

Oh, and no post game! Come on! We all stayed up for this crap, you people don't get a night off! That's BS. A west coast game and I have to wait for Twilight Zone. (1 AM, it's now 12:40.) Terrible job.

Also, in Christian Slater news, he does the voice-over for commercials for two different companies. Sometimes, they'll play in succession during Sox games. It's Slater-mania. Greetings and salutations, indeed. Did you ever think his name was made up--like, it's a name he invented in support of Jesus? "We are Jews now but we'll be Christians later"? Christian Slater. Maybe. Because from what I understand, Jesus used to be Jewish. I know as much about religion as I do about ironing. I did learn a little about Christianity from that Def Leppard song, "Women," though.

Remember this.

"Because from what I understand, Jesus used to be Jewish."

LOL, no "used to be." He was born a Jew and died defending the Jewish faith.
So do Christians worship Christian Slater now? Or are they trying to convert Kevin Youkilis? I'm so confused..
You are obsessed with this thing!
Oh, you mean Street Views... That was my final act last night, to check out a new nabe in SF--and I immediately came across that sign. Wall paintings/murals are fun to find.

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