Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rocky III

Remember when you used to check Neil Hamburger's site every day? Wait, that wasn't you, that was me.

Red Sox vs. Rockies this week. The matchups:

Tonight, the "Wake and Bake" matchup: Cook vs. Wakefield.

Tomorrow, the "London" matchup: Fogg vs. Schilling.

Thursday, the "Guardian" matchup: Francis vs. Beckett.

There's something British about all six of these names, actually. I'll be there tomorrow, on what may be the coldest day of June. Terrible job as usual, Mommy au Natural.

Yikes! I have Aaron Cook on my rotisserie team. I have to root for a 1-0 Sox victory tonight.
And you accuse me of rooting against Lugo! I'm so sick of people at Fenway seeing somebody up for the other team and saying "this guy's on my fantasy team." I'm blocking my ears. ba bababa ab bababab ba ba ba I can't hear you suggesting you might even be a tiny bit happy for non Red Sox goodness. We need everybody focused!!!!!

Note: Weird, it actually is 1-0. If we lose this one, it's on your head, AJM.
I wasn't rooting against the Sox at all...I would have like to seen Wakey throw a complete game shutout. Just needed a low scoring victory, and that's what we got. Once Cook was out of the game, I wanted Lowell to clear the bases. And for the record, I would have much preferred for the Sox to completely shell Cook than for them to lose the game.

Again, this is exactly why I've been playing in an NL-only league for about 17 years now...to avoid conflicts w/the Sox. Unfortunately, interleague means I get a few of these matchups every year...another reason to abolish it.
Also note: I also blame myself for them tying it at 1 right after that, as I got up, checked e-mail, acted like it was over, etc. But, we delivered the bomb, and got the win. You're off the hook. Any time you've got fantasy players going against the Sox, just don't tell me about it.

You also reminded me of a funny thing I forgot to put atop my blog, which I'll do now.

This was jfAJM by the way.
My last comment was written before AJM's last one.

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