Friday, June 15, 2007

Retro-Post: October 16th, 1912

Holy shit! World Champs! Red Sox 4 games, Giants 3. (one tie) Boxscore and play-by-play here. This is the best belated negative 63rd birthday present ever! I can barely remember the Red Sox' other world championship, as I was only negative 72 back in 1903.

What a finish this was. Down a run in the bottom of the tenth, and Snodgrass drops the ball! Then he makes an incredible catch, but the tying run went to third. After Yerkes walked, our home run champ, he of the 222 hits this season, Tris Speaker knocked in the tying run. That guy's gonna have a lot of hits in his career. Mark my words. An intentional walk later, all we needed was a deep fly ball, and Larry Gardner, who only hit .179 in the series, gave us just that. A sac fly. Man, I was shitting my pants as Stevie sprinted down that line. But he made it, and we are World Champs once again.

What did I tell you about this new park? Fenway effin' Park, man. One year here, one championship. I expect a long, long life for this park with many championships.

Matthewson's losin' it, I'm tellin' you. Okay, a 0.94 ERA in the series, but he walked five today. Hang 'em up at this point, Christy.

Terrible job by those Giant fans that were celebrating in the top of the tenth. That's two chokes in two years, New York. I look forward to many more of those... maybe their AL squad can actually compete with us one of these years, so we can see if they choke, too. I hope I'm not jinxing anything by saying that. But come on, what'd we beat the Highlanders by this season, 55 games? Something like that. Maybe their name change (they'll officially be called the "Yankees" starting next season, as their new park won't be on high ground anyway--I always thought that was kind of arrogant when people called them the Yanks. I mean, we're all Yankees around here, right?) will change their luck.

So we now join the Cubs and Athletics with two titles, but only we are undefeated in World Series play.

You know, I feel bad about John T. Brush. We'll never forget September 11th, when he got into that car crash. I mean, he's not gonna be around much longer. And his stadium burned down last season. But I'll always be pissed at him for refusing to play us in 1904. And look what happens now. We finally get to play them and we kick their butts. I hope I'm still around in 2004, because I want to see us have another chance at an '04 title....

I just hope if we do win then, none of our players end up on the hated Giants. But, who knows, maybe we won't care about them 92 years from now. Maybe the hapless Highlanders will be our rivals, and we'll be able to happily welcome an '04 champion Sox back to Fenway (assuming it's still standing), even if he is wearing a Giants uniform, and the Giants come back for whatever reason. If that happens, I hope everyone remembers and brings up the 1912 World Series, the first (and only? we'll see) time the Giants played in Fenway Park.

So who do y'all have in the Balkan War?

I have a bad feeling about Tris Speaker...I hear he's thinking about joining the Klan, and conspiring with Ty Cobb to throw ballgames. Hopefully, we'll trade him to Cleveland before he goes down that dark path...

And somebody tell Mathewson to stay away from mustard gas.

The thing that cracks me up about McGraw refusing to play us in '04, supposedly because the AL was inferior, is that the Sox beat the NL the year before, and McGraw himself was a veteran AL guy in Baltimore.
Funny stuff AJM. I remember 1912, the year of the Titanic, its tragedy right at the start of the season. I wasn't there, though....Jere might be able to fill you in on those details!

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