Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pipit! Pipit!

Have I talked about "Black Dog" here before? Those "Black Dog, Martha's Vineyard" shirts with the dog logo are my pet peeve. This has nothing to do with the place itself. It may be a fine restaurant. And I've never even been to "the islands" (I know they're called "the islands" from the Giant Glass commercials). I do know that Jaws was filmed on Martha's Vineyard, so it's got that going for it.

But this Black Dog place, wow. Do they give you a free sweatshirt just for eating there? And I don't understand why so many people feel the need to buy and wear something they surely know almost everybody else has? It's not like the place is a baseball team.

When I see someone with that logo on, my first thought is "Ooh, has your car climbed Mt. Washington, too?" And there's one in every crowd. Especially at a Fenway game. But I see it everywhere. Last night behind the plate in Oakland--Black Dog. On that commercial for that local restaurant on NESN--Black Dog. (That's actually a turtleneck, with the dog on the neck, as opposed to the classic full frontal dog--at least that lady's switchin' it up a little.)

Let's stop the insanity. If you have a BD sweatshirt, consider donating it to cold children who live far away. If you don't have one, ask yourself: Do I really need that tired old logo on my chest? Is the fact that I've been to this place that important? I'd rather see you going around telling everybody you've been there than have to see that dog one more time.

If I ever see someone in a Black Dog shirt emerging from a car with a Mt. Washington bumper sticker, my head would explode.

I thought your pet peeve was 'My9' or 'MySpace' or "MyAnything"?

It's actually worse than you think, Jere. They have stand-alone Black Dog clothing stores on the Vineyard that aren't even near the restaurant/bakery.

I went to the beach where they filmed Jaws a couple years wasn't that special looking, relative to how it looks in the movie...fairly small. But it was Shark Week there, so I did get a cool t-shirt :)

Oh, and I saw Tim Wakefield there with his family too, the night of the All-Star we know Timmeh doesn't watch it.
I did mention BD before, because I remember you telling me this stuff before. But hey, new readers need to know this stuff about us.

It would be really bad if you could log on to and go to a special section called "My BlackDog."
Very funny! I'm glad I don't have either. While growing up, my next door neighbors had the big, Griswold-family, wood-paneled station wagon complete with the "This car climbed Mt. Washington" bumper sticker. I don't think they were yuppie enough to sport the BD shirts.
The black dog shirts are one in a line of equally mysterious private school trappings that all serve the same purpose as empty status symbols. The "beat up volvo station wagon with ski stickers on it" being the pinnacle of this tradition.

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