Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our Nina

Great job by Josh a Beckett tonight. At the plate, too. Great catch by Coco. Great job by all the relievers. Terrible job by Edgar for being Edgar. As you may know, as much as I hated him on the field that year, I always felt bad for him as a man. But after seeing him do so well again, I'm just mad at him. Talking about this with my girlfriend tonight, she pointed out that Boston "just wasn't the right fit" for Edgar. Which is true, and I said that myself that year, but tonight, I responded to that with "for all that money, he should've made it fit." Funny how he made that one play--the double play where Remy noted they may not have actually gotten either out--just like he would've made it in Boston. Throwing too early to get the out at second and still not getting the guy at first. Yet in the NL, that's considered, like, the best you can do. I'd guess his average is so high because they're crediting him with two hits for every one he gets.

For his coming into the game after the rain delay, and getting us quickly out of the seventh, bridging the gap to the sub-2.00 duo, Kyle Snyder is my player of the game.

I'm just willing this Yankee game to go the right way. Rox just got out of a bases loaded jam and hold a two run lead going to the bottom of the eighth. I want a nine game lead. I'll erase the question mark from the title of this post when Colorado seals the win. Update: As the clock strikes midnight, Damon strikes out to end it. Good night.

Hmmm, how about this? Instead of calling it your "Player of the Game," start calling it something like "Unsung Hero of the Game." Or, "Darkhorse Contributor of the Game." Okay, that last one doesn't make a lot of sense. But you get the idea.
It's the "Jere's" that makes it what it is. That's the difference between the player of the game and Jere's Player of the Game.

I always talk about who did awesome in the post, and I always explain why the JPotG guy gets the award. It's not like I just put up the pic by itself.

We'll see how it goes.
And then I realize I posted the original pic instead of the fancied up one. Just fixed that.

I've also noticed that under my rules it's almost impossible for a starting pitcher to get the award. Although Tavarez did it once.
That Edgar Renteria!

Why can't we get players like that!

Some guys shine in the spot light

and some guys shine even better out of the spot light!

"If you can't stand the "heat" make them trade you to Atlanta" I always say!

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