Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Yanks won. Again, though, they had to bring in Mo, despite having a big lead going into the ninth. This time it was five runs.

DiNardo is shutting us out through five. I always liked that guy. Terrible job by Coco in the top of the fifth. After five balls in a row, you keep taking pitches. But he swung, hitting into an inning ending double play, negating the walk to the previous hitter.

Speaking of that stuff, guess what I'm pissed at Dice for? That's right, he didn't waste a pitch to Chavez, and the guy took him deep. You could see Tek doing the half-stand, but Dice didn't throw it high enough. He'd earlier given up another 0-2 hit. Then when he does waste pitches, he seems to waste four in a row for a walk.

I mentioned last night there was something going on in the crowd that Remy and DO didn't fill us in on. You could see the crowd and the Sox dugout looking out at something. Remy just explained tonight that it was a fight down in the "black hole" area of the crowd, where all the Raider crazies sit at football games. Speaking of this ridiculous field, Lowell caught a pop-up waaaay in foul ground earlier. I felt like it was the first time in my life all that foul ground in Oakland worked in my favor...

And now a walk comes back to haunt, as they often do. 2-0 Athletics after five.


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