Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mid-Game Complaint

I'm sick of NESN treating every runner as if he's about to break the all-time stolen base record and must be watched and talked about at all times, even if it means not showing a pitch until it's almost reached the plate.

If a runner's going with the pitch, just tell us.


After bemoaning the YES Network, you got what you wished for in NESN:

You've got them, warts & all;

Ya gotta take the bad with the good;

For years I had The Exceptionally Good Mc Carver. Then he moved over to FOX to play Moron Boy to Buck.
Great point, Michael. I do finally have what I wished for for over 30 years. But still, I'm gonna point out the terrible jobs.

As McCarver himself said, when asked about all the sites that regularly rip him: "You don't have that stuff about you when you're doing a GOOD job." I guess he's never heard of fan clubs. TJ, McCarver, as usual. Where was I going with this? Ah yes, a bit of a TJ by me for making fun of NESN.

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