Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lugo: Dead To Me

27 batters. No hits, no walks, no hit-by-pitch. That's a perfect game. Curt did that today. But Lugo fucked it up, and the 28th batter gets a hit. At least we got the much-needed win. Now I finally go pee.

Terrible job by NESN overall. They miss a lot of stuff. And on the last play, we didn't get to root for the second baseman to get the ball, because Orsillo had already said "into right field!" The audio on the non-centerfield camera is ahead of the video by a split second.

And Lugo going on the DTM chart isn't just about this, this just clinches it.

When The Fuck Is Terry Francona Gonna Realize That Lugo is Just Straight Up Killin Us In The Leadoff Spot!!! If The Guy Is Atleast Gettin' on Base Via The Walk it Would Be One Thing But The Guy is Gettin On Base Via The Fielder's Choice!..It'll Put More Pressure on The Pitcher To Pitch To Youk, Ortiz and Manny If Our Leadoff Man Get's On!!! I Don't Care if Pedroia Has No Speed...Let Him Leadoff Atleast He'll Get on Base!!!
I appreciate your passion, and I agree with you. Your capitalization of each individual word? I don't know what to make of that. Do you have a special program for that or do you have to hit "shift" every time?
What does 'DTM' status mean for an active player on the Sox roster? Are you no longer going to root for him to help the team win?
I agree, NESN was not good about this at all. Especially when they flashed the stat of Schill's longest game without a hit. I hate when they do shit like that. I put the blame on NESN for that hit.

But hey, we got a win out of it...?
I maybe agree about Lugo...first of all, Schill was brilliant...hitting every spot that 'Tek held out for him. Lugo is there at the top of the order (for now) because of his speed, but he, Coco (his defense is saving him) and JD Drew are making Theo look bad. But this win as as big as the no-hitter would have been, and we have to hand it to that 40 something year old guy named Schill.
AJM: Come on, now, he'll become Back-to-life to me once he stops shitting the bed. Jose Offerman was a dead body out there and I never stopped rooting for him.

Lauren: I noticed that, too. It was funny how Orsillo was sure to not say "no-hitter," referring to it as "making history" and "what's happening right now."
Exactly. I was sitting there watching it and I noticed how he wouldn't say it, but he was just hinting at it. And my dad says "He wants to say it." And he looks at me like Orsillo's ruining the world.
My DTM list has only been alive for a year-and-a-half and has only one player on it Johnny G. Damon. ("G" is for goon, one of your grandmother's favorite words to describe an asshole.)

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