Friday, June 08, 2007

Lugo: Back-To-Life To Me

Julio came right out with a HR tonight, and then caught a runner off guard at second base. We lead 5-1 midway through.

The Yankees got the Pirates at home tonight. You know, because the AL East is playing the NL West this season.... The Pirates were so close to winning, you had that feeling like they really needed to get this one, as it might be their only chance. (Then I remembered they get to face Roger tomorrow! Shawn Chacon will start against his old team Sunday.)

The game went to extra innings, and the Yanks won in the bottom of the 10th when none of their last three guys who hit the ball even reached the infield dirt. This was cause for a celebration normally reserved for the end of an action movie. Of course, Jeter had to be the one to get the final wussed-out nubber, making him hold up the fist of champions. I had the sound down, but I hope I never hear Sterling or Kay's call from the end of that one. I'm sure Jeter did something on that last play that you just can't teach, though I don't know exactly what. You know, the Yanks could be 100 games behind us, but I don't see myself ever hating them less, or being less sick when they win, for any reason. I can't wait til they're in that new stadium. They'll lose a big advantage they have over these minor league teams who come in there scared of the big, bright lights.

The good news is, when we do have such a nice lead, I can immediately move on from their cheap-ass wins. If we hold this four-run lead, we're up 10.5 again.

It's been a decade, but I still can't believe we're going into games in June having to keep our hot hitter out of the lineup so the pitcher can bat. And for what? A gimmick.

So, Remy, let me get this straight. Yelling in a fielder's ear as you run by him to make him drop the ball (as done by a Yankee): Fine. Standing there, then tagging a runner when he steps off the base (as done by a Red Sox): "Gray area." Don't worry, Remy, nobody will think you're a homer if you don't defend the opponent at all costs. Quit it, man. We all love you. Stop with the anti-Red Sox stuff.

Hey, you know who else is becoming less dead to me? Drew! Just hit his second dong of the night! It's, like, eleventeen to one now. Nice. We'll see if Beckett starts plunking guys, after Lugo got thrown at and Manny got nailed...

It's been a decade, but I still can't believe we're going into games in June having to keep our hot hitter out of the lineup so the pitcher can bat. And for what? A gimmick.

The irony here- intentional? Non-intentional?
The rest of RSN, on MLB Extra Innings on Cable, suffered through FSN-Arizona:

Matt Williams talks way too much;

My ears bled while listening to him.
I don't see the irony, so I guess it wa unintentional. The only thing I can think of is the fact that Youk has very slightly cooled off--I still consider him "hot," and definitely hotter than any pitcher we've got. But since you included the "gimmick" line, I'd guess the irony lies there, but I guess the ironing isn't delicious enough for me to swallow.

About Williams: NESN told us he caught a foul ball. Did he brag about that crap or what?

I think BSM is referring to the fact that many people back in 1973 felt that introducing the DH was a gimmick, and even today some would still argue that it is one. Thus, it would make it ironic for you to bemoan the Sox' inability to use the DH because of the gimmick of interleague play.

Unironically yours,

It hit me on the Mass Pike tonight that that's what he meant. TJ. First of all, if something that makes total sense in called a gimmick, then call me Gimmicky McGee. Or something. You know what I mean. A "gimmick" would've been if they'd allowed the pitchers to get five balls instead of four when they came to bat, or let them hit off a tee or something.

Second of all, even if they had gone the tee route, or something similar, all the teams had to do it, and they all played only each other. This is totally different because you've got to change evreything mid-season.

Third of all, the unfairness (as we all talked about) of interleague play goes beyond the fact that the two teams play by different rules. Hell, the Yanks are playing the Pirates when we're supposed to be playing the NL West.

BSM's irony theory has potential, but it keeps striking out swinging, over and over and over, not learning patience at the plate like it was supposed to, and not fielding a lick.
None of that made any sense.

The DH was a gimmick to get people to buy tickets. Interleague play is a gimmick to get people to buy tickets.

So it was unintentional, I guess.
In the case of those Fixers at MLB:

Pirates at Yankees;


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