Thursday, June 14, 2007


I've found some semblance of order in the streets of Boston. I'm passing these secrets onto you, with a little thing I made at GooMaps. Check it out. Click on the titles at the left for more info about each area.

You've just found out that streets in the Back Bay are in alphabetical order? The only flat, gridded part of Boston?

You really are from Pinstripe Territory.

I'm kinda surprised.
I don't get why you're surprised, then.

I did ask people a while ago here "Where is the actual city of Boston?" as I've never been able to find it, having only gone to one place, essentially, in Boston, my whole life until recently. Nobody told me about this actual grid. I don't even know what "Back Bay" means, except that it's a part of Boston.

I don't even know when to cross the streets here, as you never get a "walk," and cars are always coming from one of eight directions at every intersection, and honestly, I don't think people from here know either, as they just run into traffic. I start to get mad and then I think, Hey, I can't blame 'em, I wouldn't have known not to walk there, either.

I also don't know how many lanes there are supposed to be on these really wide roads with NO LINES in them.

I have figured out, a little tiny bit, what you're supposed to do at rotaries.

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