Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yanks won behind Wang (pronounced "wang"). We're down 3-0 in the fifth. The DPs are killing us. Let's break out, Swingout Sister-style.

[Update: A minute after posting this, yet another inning-ending DP. We didn't see much of it, since NESN's ridiculous Sox Track graphic effed up the picture, as it sometimes does. I call it ridiculous not only because of that, but because it takes so long for the little ball to show up on it, it makes you miss the next pitch sometimes.]

And they just hit into ANOTHER DP!!!

They're ruining my summah!!!
Non baseball comment, Jere. Is that one of your cats? You just brought tears to my eyes because I'm still mssing my boy of ALMOST 19 years. He passed away in March, and I miss him so much, and I haven't been the the same since. That pic brought so much joy to me. As tears run down my face, I just wanted to say thank you. SO MUCH.
Crap, I'm crying. Sorry...Peter
You're probably not the first reader I've made cry. Yes, this is one of our two cats.

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