Monday, June 04, 2007


Wow, according to my stats, people across the globe are searching the internet to find out just who those dudes are behind home plate at Fenway. Let me refer you all to this handy chart I made and posted a while back. Click to enlarge:

Here's the recap. The two mainstays are: Dennis Drinkwater, CEO of Giant Glass, who is an avid New York Giants fan as well, but almost never misses a game at Fenway. He looks like Robert Redford, or Jerry Springer. Last night he wore a blue rain jacket, and left the game (terribly) with two outs in the ninth. He is known to rush out of the park as soon as the last out his made. Drinkwater is usually seated a little to the left of home plate, from the normal camera angle.

A few seats over to Drinkwater's left, so, just to the right of right-handed hitters, when looking from the classic angle, is Red Sox Senior Advisor and former "super-agent," Jeremy Kapstein. This is the larger dude who usually sits stock still with a suit on. He's also there pretty much every game. His seat is the best one in the park, on the middle aisle, directly behind the plate.

Occasionally there will be some seat-switching--the other day Drinkwater was seen on the opposite side of Kapstein--which is usually done to accommodate guests. Kapstein also gives his front row seat to a guest and sits one row behind them. Drinkwater entertained Ray Borque the other day as well.

Nobody else in the picture is a regular. In the pic, you can see "Malcolm McDowell guy." I guess he didn't pan out, or just isn't noticeable to me anymore. And the C. Everett Koop guy, well, he'll turn up occasionally, but he's no regular either. If anyone does spot any new regulars back there, please let me know.

Jere, I love your cartoons.
Thanks, Ame... see you in a few weeks!
Before I learned Drinkwater's name, I use to refer to him as Donald Trump (because he had great seats and got to go to every game)!
Yeah, he's a little Trump-ish.... and almost as rich.
I sometimes want to say, what is it with you and Kapstein? Then I remember that I also have inexplicable hot pants for him.

He lives in Providence. Near me. I wonder what street? Dare me to find out?
I demand you to, actually.

Did you see on here the other day when my mom chatted up the Kap'n? It was at an event in RI that you should've been at.
YES! Your mom's lucky.

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