Thursday, June 14, 2007

Drew Beginnings, Drew Beginnings, Drew Beginnings

On May 29th, I noted on Joy of Sox that for the Yanks to even get to .500 by the 4th of July, they'd have to play .625 ball over 32 games. They've played 15 games since, and have gone 12-3, an .800 clip. They're two games over .500 on June 14th with their win today. And they get to play the Doormets at home this weekend. (Note: I refuse to count games against NL teams in the standings.)

But we've got the best record in baseball, and an eight game lead on them.

JD Drew has been moved to leadoff tonight. I guess we're looking for an automatic out to start the game, you know, kind of like a handicap.

I like the way the guys who are hitting are positioned: Dustin the Wind 2nd, the usual two 3rd and 4th, Youk 5th, followed by Lowell and 'Tek. Maybe Drew will be helped by this...[he said all ho-hum-like, only because there's not much else to say about the guy right now....]


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