Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Nice Weird Al reference in the latest Teen Girl Squad.

Looks like they had some special guests at Thom's last night... I wonder if Quinn told Werner about my idea for a Cheers reunion centered around the 2004 playoffs. Eh, probably not.

Eh, no Jere.

It slipped my mind in all the excitement. A thousand pardons, my friend.

Next time I won't be so thoughtless...

You are forgiven:)
Werner's Production Company was Cosby & Roseanne:

Angell's was Cheers
Why did I think Cheers was Carsey-Werner all this time?? I guess I mixed it up with Charles-Burrows-Charles or whatever.

But I even once heard a fan sing the Cheers theme to Werner when he was on the field once!

I'm confused.

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