Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Come On Already

Dice just about pitched a perfect game, but we found ourselves in an extra innings battle. Considering the umpires were rooting against us in this one, we did what we could. But I would've pinch hit for Lugo a little earlier than we did. And the guy had the nerve to get mad when he got pinch hit for? He doesn't think an 0 for 30 stretch warrants it?

Another horribly frustrating game that felt like it was just made up by the baseball gods as some kind of joke-game. Yet we can still be happy tomorrow morning, what with the huge lead. But no happiness before then!

On the last play, Manny could've had it, and at the very least, Coco could've got in position to play a possible carom. Oh, and Coco, you're hitting now--no need to try to bunt your way on in the ninth! Manny also wore "L'Monstro 99" wristbands today, in honor of his hairdresser.

Yes, Coco could've caught it (and made it look easy), but unfortunately the ball was hit to left field, no question. (As opposed to left-center.) So Coco observed standard protocol and let Manny take a shot at the catch. And Manny is no Coco in the field.
I've seen Manny get to balls like that. He just ran to a spot a little left of where the ball ended up landing.

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