Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bye, Hero

Mr. Wizard is dead.

The other day, I was watching one of those "I Love the 80s" shows. When they talked about Mr. Wizard's World, I was surprised to see they actually had Don Herbert, who played Mr. Wizard, on there talking about the show. It feels like it was a sign now--Mr. Wizard talked to me from the television one last time. Just now, while watching parts of Office Space (for the second time tonight) on the E! network, I saw a "news" flash run along the bottom of my screen. When I saw Don Herbert's name, I knew it could only mean one thing.

Mr. Wizard taught me more about science (let alone the quirks and behavior of Canadian children) than all the red pen-wielding science teachers I had combined. (Although Mr. Amend and Mr. McNamara were nice dudes.)

Thanks for everything, Mr. Herbert. I like to think you also taught us all a little bit about being passionate about what you do.

He was one of my favorite people....memories of B&W TV at it's finest.
Note: I knew him from his 80s show (In color) on Nickelodeon...but I realize he'd been around way before then...

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