Friday, June 08, 2007

By The Time I Get To Arizona

Really good performance by Beckett tonight. He's giving us what we thought we'd get when we traded for him.

Great job, Arizona Red Sox fans. You represented well.

They just showed a couple of foreign objects on the field! What was that all about? They're not talkin'.

Final: 10-3 us.

The answer to the "does this look familiar" question from the other day: While it is on the street of Quinn's old Tower Records, it's also the spot where that commercial takes place--the one with the ballplayers waiting to get in, and there's the cardboard cutout, and Papelbon's in it but only barely visible. That one.

Look at this, from the Orioles' website:

1932 Baltimore Black Sox Celebration
On September 6, the Orioles will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Baltimore Black Sox' 1932 championship season. Playing in the East West League, the Black Sox were in first place with a 20-9 record when the league was disbanded in June. The Sox were credited with a championship but never received the proper recognition.

Turn Back the Clock Night
Current Orioles players and coaches will wear 1932 Baltimore Black Sox replica uniforms for the game, and the team, which included standout players Laymon Yokely and Crush Holloway, will be honored in a pre-game ceremony.

This will all be happening on September 6th, with the Red Sox in town. They don't actually say it above, but that East West League was one of the Negro Leagues. I wonder what kind of uniforms the Red Sox will wear that day. Probably the Boston Royal Giants unis we wore in '02.

They should wear 1946 Memphis Red Sox uni's:
It took me about a week into the season, but I finally figured out that New Era cap commercial was on E. 4th Street. (I did a post about it back in May.) At the end of the commercial, you can see the windows of the Tower store all covered over with white.

It depresses me every time I see it during Red Sox games.

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