Thursday, June 14, 2007

Breaking News!

NESN just showed highlights of Yankees while going to break on the pre-game. Last shot was dugout reacting to home run. Camera focuses on Jeter, fist high in the air. YOU CAN'T TEACH ROOTING LIKE THAT.

Hey NESN, it's one thing for other networks to show Jeter's dominant "cheering for stuff he didn't do"-style. Why can't you just let it be? Do we need to see it? Fine, show Yankee home runs if you must. But leave the PUKE-WORTHY BULLSHIT to their network. Please.

Derek Jeter: If you don't vomit when you see him, you're not human. Seriously, if I were the other players, when I got interviewed by YES, I'd say, Hey, when I hit that home run, why'd you show Jeter? I hit it, not him.

NL teams turning to drooling toddlers as they see big, bad Yanke Stadium update: I saw today's full highlights. They include Yanks scoring on a walk and a ground out after a sigle on a "soft ground ball to first." Another rally aided by a left fielder who tried repeatedly to pick up a ball but couldn't do it. Another one where Eric Byrnes took a headlong dive for a ball that was nowhere near him, and a throw into the dugout. All this complete with Yankee players with arrogant, cocky looks and bat flips. They will go down, and the world will cheer. Man, even Yankee highlights make me mad. I'm glad I don't see all their games like I have every year of my life until this season. It's much better for my health. Anyway, the new Yankee Stadium will make things so much better. We won't have to worry about the opposing teams (especially NL teams, if shitty interleague play is still going on in two years) being too busy picking their jaw up off the ground when they should be playing ball...

Edes, just now: "I'd love to be at Yankee Stadium tomorrow for Yanks-Mets." Go, then. This proves my dad's theory that many of these Boston reporters are just auditioning for New York jobs.


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