Saturday, June 23, 2007

Body Of Chrice

Click to enlarge. Went to this hill you can see Boston from.

Boston again.

On the way out of that hilly area, we saw this baby blue jay that seemed unafraid of humans.

So, like I said, I've been working on a post about the Red Sox 80s road uniforms. Fortunately, I have it almost finished, and I'll get it up before Monday morning. But what are the odds the team actually wears the uniforms right as I'm about to post this thing? I wanted it to be this big expose, out of nowhere. Now everybody's talking about them. On UniWatch, they do "open thread" on the weekends. I had a feeling the game last night would be the topic today, though I hoped it wouldn't be. Sure enough, the topic is the Padres' 80s uniforms. The guy who writes the quickie weekend column didn't seem to notice the Sox wearing our '82 unis. Well, good, I thought, keep the attention off of it. Nope--that just made the commenters start yapping about our unis. Now they're over there talking about BOS/TON, BO/STON, etc. I'm afraid the whole article I'm writing is gonna come out, essentially, through those comments. This is killing me. What are the odds we end up playing a team having an 80s retro night, causing us to actually wear the unis I was gonna write the definitive story on? I guess I should look at it this way--people may actually be searching the topic, giving me more hits. We'll see. I just feel like I'm latching on to a topic, when what I'm really doing is writing what was supposed to be a completely random piece on uniforms I thought we'd never see again.

I suppose next the Sox will change their name to the Billings Parents, right after I've drawn up these logos. Enjoy:

I love your pics...the camera, AND the guy taking the pictures, are so great! Enlarge them, Jere's readers!
Jere, nice pics from the Fells! I mountain bike up to that viewpoint all the time. Sweet view...

ps: what's the best way to feel better after a 6-1 sox loss? why, a 13-inning yankee loss, of course.
Thanks Raj.

If it had been a quiz, you'd have gotten 5 points.

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