Friday, June 29, 2007

Blue Suspenders

Wow. Rod Carew. Road Crew. Just move the A.

What the hell happened in Baltimore tonight? I got home from eating Mexican food while watching fireworks launched to celebrate the birthday of a country that borders Mexico to see the Orioles leading Dunbar 6-4 in the eighth. Five minutes later it was a drenching rainstorm, yet the umps seemed to have no interest in halting the game until the Yanks could grab the lead. If I were the O's pitcher, I'd have just stood there. Get that grounds crew out there. But the Yanks made it 8-6, and the field was covered almost before the 8th run crossed the plate.

Melvin Mora was pissed, and was yelling at the umps as everyone walked off the field. I just found a quote from him:
Before Jeter stepped to the plate, Mora pleaded with third base umpire Tim Tschida to stop the game.

"I just asked him, 'You don't think it's too wet?' He started yelling at me and cursed," Mora said. "I said, 'This is worse than when you stopped the game when we was winning. Why you don't stop it now? I can't even see the ball.'

"He just tried to make Jeter hit so they can score one run so they can get out of here. That's what I think," said Mora, who was ejected from the game.

Exactly what I was thinkin', Melvin. Fortunately, though, since the home team hadn't gotten a chance to hit yet, the game will be finished at a later date.

Jere, this seems like a great example of the things the Yankees do that we all love to hate.

As I write this, the third story under "Yankee Update" on their homepage has the following title:

Clemens' K streak snapped in O's loss.

Doesn't the title, as constructed, make it sound like someone other than the Yankees lost?

Also, again, as I type this, it has their mini-calendar (also homepage) on Thursday as @BAL, W 8-6. I assume the W stands for Wetness suspends game, because it can't stand for Win.
Interesting that Jeter didn't have trouble seeing the ball.
As the person willing to give their name points out, the Yanks are indeed calling yesterday's game a W, and do seem to call an O's win a "loss." I gotta blog about this.

As the person hiding behind "anonymous" points out, Jeter was able to get a key hit in the rain. I'm sure it was the pitcher's best pitch, too--ever tried to throw a wet baseball in a downpour?
Yea, it's called a "spitball." They're illegal.
Touche, Elevengamesback McGee.
I think we're all overlooking the most important thing, which is a detailed description of the Mexican food.
That's what I'm talkin' about. And funny it's you who should ask, because I meant to ask you, being a kinda-this-area expert, if you get black or refried beans in a burrito/taco, at Anna's Taqueria, does it cost extra? Or is it just that toppings cost extra? Cuz they always assume you want pinto beans, but I always have to quickly yell refried at them so they don't spoon out the pinto. And then I noticed two tacos, at 2.15 each, shouldn't come to 5.97.

Anyway, I got one black bean soft taco with lettuce, salsa, and guac--ooh, maybe guac is what costs extra, since it's a little exotic, and one with the same but with refried bean. Actually, I think the guy didn't hear me say lettuce. He was a new guy, which I didn't like. Usually at Anna's you get a guy who's a total pro. Anyway, one side of Anna's was actually getting washed while I was there, which made us all go to one line (my girlfriend waited outside, she'd gotten Subway, a turkey-based sandwich, and a Diet Coke.). So it took a little longer. I got a Strawberry Jumex soda. It was good. The tacos were great as usual, with their double shell and slice of melted cheese. I ate them out of the foil, while we sat on the street and watched the 'works. As per usual, there weren't too many advances in the technology. Sometimes the fillings slip out the back, so by the time you get to the end, you're licking a lot of stuff off the foil. With the refried, which I ate first, I prevented this somehow. With the messier, juicier black bean one, a lot was left, and I did a lot of licking, as the 'works ended, and hundreds of people passed us by. I realized the n that that was the most people to ever watch me eat a taco.

Boy, did they taste good. The tacos, not the people.

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