Friday, June 08, 2007


Did you know I was at Derek Lowe's no-hitter? I totally was. I love that story. And it doesn't end there. Since I had an unused ticket stub to that game (this was before Fenway went to the barcode tickets), I remember suggesting to Pat (who was at the game with me--right field box, and no, no one says "no-hitter" in the stands, either) that I send Mr. Lowe the ticket stub, you know, maybe make a nice commemorative frame for him. And Pat's imitation of the way Derek might respond was priceless in its sarcasm: "Hey, thanks for the nice gift, here are two tickets to a game at Fenway...and a thousand dollars."

We also saw a girl puke her brains out on Overland Street after the game. (Exact spot at far left of map.) I guess that girl was one out away from barfing today.

I just watched the end of the Yanks game. Because I live in Chicago. No, I don't. But we get WGN because it's a superstation. This was one of my early complaints in life: We'd be on vacation in Puerto Rico, and we'd get WGN in the hotel room. And a young Jere would say, "How come I can see the Cubs in San Juan, but I can't see the Red Sox in Connecticut?" I was a bright kid. Anyway, we never got WGN in CT (though we got every Braves game!), so this is my first time as a regular Chicagoland-TV watcher. Is Bozo still on?

I guess WGN shows both Chicago teams nowadays, and tonight I got to see Yanks-ChiSox. As the Yanks blew it open, a fan ran onto the field. As we know, this behavior is not tolerated, to the point where the mere sight of it on TV is completely off-limits. Players on performance-enhancing drugs, however, are "thoroughly respected." Maybe a big blue dot over their faces, MLB? As they were doing the usual "steady shot of the infield while we hear the crowd go nuts as the fan frolics in the outfield," I actually caught a glimpse of the guy, flying across the top of the screen, removing his shirt as he went. Who knows how naked he got by the time he was caught...

Oh, and Hawk, if I want to hear someone drool over Derek Jeter and talk about how he has "magic" that entered his body when he put on the pinstripes and that he's "always" been a winner (he's done that extra-special "non-winning" style of winning the last six years--you can't teach that), I'll listen to any Yankee or national announcer. Stick to blatantly rooting for the "good guys," would you?

The NBA Finals is Cleveland-San Antonio! You know, like in that Seinfeld episode! When they go to the holistic healer (played by that Ned Ryerson guy), and Jerry shows him the piece of paper with his undecipherable, late-night scrawl for his opinion as to what it might say. And he goes, "Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109." They'd have to go triple-OT to get a score like that, but if they get it, well, I guess my life won't change, but you can bet I'd bring it up all the time.

About the word "scuffling"--when did the meaning of this word change? Scuffling means fighting. It doesn't mean you haven't had many hits lately. These ridiculous people (Don Orsillo being one culprit) have confused the word with "struggling." Yes, a "scuffle" can also be called a "struggle." But when you are struggling, meaning "having a rough time with a task," as opposed to "having a confrontation with another party," you are not "scuffling." You're struggling. You can't just say a word that sounds like another word and expect us to believe it means the same thing. Terrible job, baseball announcers.

Watched Roseanne earlier. Yes, the show from the 80s. I never watched it when it was new. Never had interest in it. But I discovered tonight that it wasn't bad. Pretty good, in fact. TJ by me for not giving it much of a chance back in the day.

There were two obvious stars today, and Coco made that great catch, so he would've been too easy. So the JPotG Award goes to Jason, for calling a near-no-hitter, and making a call that may have made it a no-hitter, had Curt not shaken it off. Pic of Jason by me, and didn't make the cut in this post, from Opening Day 2005.

Jere, am I right in assuming that you have Comcast cable where you live? And how far are you from the Fens. Nothing specific...."anyone" could be reading this! And WGN is a nice out-of-town addition to your cable line-up. We have Comcast here in north central CT. As you most likely know. Have a nice weekend. Go Josh. 2 of 3 a must!
You got to go to Puerto Rico? I always had to go to the White Mountains.
The WGN Empire has both teams these days & Comcast has the TV Rights in Chicago

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