Friday, June 15, 2007

A Big, Big Love

Hey, whadda ya know? Remy defends the Red Sox. He was pissed about that ump tossing Papi, calling BS, and even adding "you can call that a homer call, but that's just facts." Nice job, Remy. I was paying attention...

Homers in the game so far:


The Roberts ovation was great, complete with Fenway playing "Simply the Best." World Champs! Us! It continues to have really happened. Thank you, Dave.

Funny how NESN showed a close-up of a sign with a picture of Bonds with the words "Tiny Balls" underneath.

The more I hear about the anti-Bonds stuff, the more I think of how he's singled out. Why not boo all the cheaters?

6-2 us after four. Mets leading Yanks 1-0 in the fourth, but should have more than one off of the fat, sweaty, soulless traitor.

[Update: With Manny batting, NESN started to show a replay of Tavarez' latest bocce incident from the previous inning. I could tell when they went to replay, the pitch was pretty close to being thrown. They're showing this replay, and I pretty much know the pitch is coming in. Then I hear a crack of a bat. Still replay. It finally ends, and cut to: third baseman just fielding ball, and throwing to first. This is inexcusable. Do they need me to come down there and sit in the truck and produce the game? I guarantee you folks you'll never miss a pitch. Write NESN. Make me producer.]

//Why not boo all the cheaters?//

Jere, whenever Giambi or Sheffield is in town they get soundly booed/taunted.

Same with Gary Matthews Jr this year as well as Sammy Sosa.

I think the amount of booing a player gets is directly connected to the amount of media coverage they received.

Your average baseball fan probably doesn't know the names of the random middle relievers who have been caught juicing.
I specifically meant that Bonds has entire organizations trying to "stop" him or get him out of the game, and I see those people and I'm like "Get Giambi out, too! Just because he's not close to a record doesn't mean he cheated any less!" (And, like I say, he did worse things to Sox fans, whereas Bonds never has even played us until last night. That's all I'm saying.

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