Wednesday, June 20, 2007

'06-'07 Quiz XXIV (Final Quiz Of The Season)

Player A, who has a 2004 World Series ring, struck out for the first time in his career against Player B.

The first person Player B struck out in his career was the relative of someone who also has a 2004 World Series ring.

Player A's middle name and Player B's first name are the same names as the two main characters of a famous TV sit-com.

Name Player A, Player B, and the sit-com.

[Update, 6/21/07, 12:12 AM: To avoid controversy, instead of "has a 2004 World Series ring," let's just say, "was on the field in a Red Sox uniform at the ring ceremony at Fenway in April 2005." You'll understand why, uh, when you're older. You may or may not get a clue from this. Okay, fine, here's the clue you should get from that: Remember, not only players on the 2004 team got "the" rings. Supposedly the non- and ex-players got a lesser-valued ring.]

Player A: Jason Varitek
Player B: Mike Fetters
Sitcom: WKRP in Cincinnati

Shameless attempt to gain a fraction of a point of partial credit: Did I mention that today is my birthday?
Nope. No answers correct. Happy birth-- wait, is it really your birthday?

I'll never forget Varitek's middle name is Andrew now--I'll just think of Andy from KRP.
Crap ... I'm waiting for a hint ...
Yeah, it really is. I'm even more of an old fart today.

I wish it were possible to run out the clock, UNC Tarheel-style, on a quiz.
I've got a couple in mind. I'll be waiting a while before giving them out though.
Was talking about clues above. Anyway, Happy Birthday, AJM.

Yeah, you're definitely prayin' for rain at this point.
Jere's Mom:
After suffering math anxiety all my life, I had a real attack reading the latest quiz. All I could think of were those word problems: if Train A, left blah-blah at ten o'clock, what time would it read Omaha if there was a tornado that crossed the tracks in Yuma with winds of blah-blah miles per hour? Give the answer in square inches.
I can't wait for the correct answer so I can regain some sanity.
Thanks, Jere. We need to get your Mom a Google blog account so she doesn't have to keep posting as 'Anonymous'
This is very tough! I thought I was onto something with Earl "Clifford" Snyder. I tried to connect him with "Woody" Williams to get the whole Cheers sitcom thing, but it clearly didn't happen.

You're pretty tricky, Jere. : )
Player A: Bronson Arroyo
Player B: John Burkett
Sitcom: Taxi

Even if this isn't right, it should be right.
AJM: We have. Technology just doesn't agree with some people. (At least she has a cell phone, though, unlike me!)

Kara and Ryan, keep trying. I haven't heard any right answers yet. But this is fun, every guess I get to hear two Sox players and a sit-com. Fun stuff.
Come on.

Bronson Arroyo (as a batter) was first struck out by John Burkett, whose first strike out was Ron Nelson. Joe Nelson, crappy relief pitcher, got a 2004 WS ring for pitching like 3 innings for the Sox. John and Tony (Anthony is Arroyo's middle name) are both characters on Taxi. I don't know about the Nelsons, nothing turned up on them, but they are both such mediocre players that I'm not surprised by the lack of internet information about them. If Ron and Joe aren't related, well, that's just one more thing they suck at.
It's Rob, not Ron--and he and Joe were born in Cali, one Alameda, one Pasadena. But even if they were related--John, one of THE two main characters on Taxi? I don't think so. Even if you had to pick THE two main characters, you wouldn't see too many votes for the John character as either of them...
Ouch, burned on my knowledge of a show I've never seen.
Player A: Jim Ed Rice
Player B: Wilbur Wood
Sitcom: Mr. Ed
...and the guy that Wi-i-i-lbur struck out was Tito Francona, Terry's Dad.

You got it. That looks like the clincher for AJM....
"A horse is a horse, of course, of course..."

And who can forget the classic episode "Leo Durocher Meets Mister Ed", in which Ed tries out for the Dodgers and actually takes Sandy Koufax deep? With special guest appearances by Koufax, Durocher, Vin Scully, Johnny Roseboro (before he got cold-cocked by Juan Marichal), Willie Davis, and Moose Skowron.

Good thing I ordered a few "AJM '06-'07 ARSFFPT Quiz Season Champion" hats from New Era to wear in the AJM clubhouse as we spray champagne around. Of course, just to be on the safe side, I ordered some "AJM '06-'07 ARSFFPT Quiz Season Wild Card" hats as well...guess those will become collectors' items.
Very impressive win, AJM!!! And happy belated birthday, too.

I'm just glad to still be in 2nd.
Those will clothe poor children in India...

So, for his valiant attempt, on what was a hard question, Ryan gets a .4.

AJM gets the remaining 4.6 points.

I will now tally the final scores and soon a post will appear, wrapping up Quiz season.
Thank you very much, Kara. You did a great job this season.

I think my favorite quiz was the "Chris Rock" one where we were all guessing people at random....that was a hoot.
Nice job AJM, I had a mental block on this and was trying to force Vince Dimaggio and Entourage in somehow.

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