Friday, June 22, 2007

'06-'07 Final Quiz Standings

It went down to the wire, but Southwest Connecticut's AJM correctly answered the 24th and final quiz, picking up 4.6 points and giving him his second straight championship. He joins DannyDeej as the only two quiz champions in history. (Click here for the all-time results.)

My cousin Kara out in San Diego came in second place.

Here are the final standings:

1. AJM: 29.45
2. Kara C.: 21.82
3. savethejellyfish: 18.23
4. mattysox: 12.9
5. Amy: 10.8
6. JS: 9.6
7. bsmemorial: 7.9
8. Mel in NH: 4.6
9. (ryan) m: 1.7
10. redsock: 1.5
11. mighty quinn: 1.1
12. sanfransoxfan: 0.1
12. Witch City Sox Girl: 0.1
12. Lance: 0.1
12. Jere's Mom: 0.1
12. Future: 0.1
12. Michael Leggett: 0.1
12. Dan: 0.1
12. Novella: 0.1
12. pweezil: 0.1
21. Everyone else in the whole world except Nick Smith: 0.0
6,602,224,175. Nick Smith: (-1.0)

Thanks for playing, everyone! Watch for the '07-'08 Quiz season to start after the baseball season ends. (With a possible Quiz pre-season during October....)

As stated previously, AJM, as the winner, will receive:

1. A Rich Gedman 1982 Topps (rookie) baseball card.

2. A Rich Gedman 1982 Fleer (rookie) baseball card.

3. His choice of an autographed baseball card of one of the following Red Sox players: Marc Sullivan, Dave Stapleton, or Bruce Hurst. (Remember the "warning": "You know, I gotta admit, the Hurst autograph looks pretty fake, like some kid did it.") AJM has earlier expressed interest in the Stapleton upon hearing the prize list initially, but he'll have to let me know his final choice.

4. A DVD featuring one or more of my movies, as yet to be decided.

5. A special first place badge.

6. The original ransom-note style collage I made, which is known to you as the banner atop this blog (minus the surrounding Gedman cards), autographed by the artist aka me.

As the runner-up, Kara will receive:

1. A 1982 Rich Gedman Topps (rookie) baseball card.

2. A DVD containing one or more of my movies.

3. A "not quite good enough" badge.

4. Another piece of yet-to-be-determined artwork that appears somewhere on this blog, autographed by the artist aka me.

These people can also e-mail me to give (or re-give) me their mailing addresses, or to talk about a meetup.

My mom had also agreed earlier to give out a copy of her latest book as a special prize. Winner(s) of the book will be determined soon.

And remember, Quiz season, as always, is brought to you by Coke Blak:

I'm psyched about my prizes!
ps: I can wait for a meet-up so you don't have to pay for shipping to CA. ; )

We might be coming out at the end of July- Ben really wants to go to Cooperstown to see Tony Gwynn get inducted.
Sounds good.

Cooperstown's fun...
I'm still leaning towards the Stapleton card, but I might go with Hurst despite the fake-looking sig. I'll sleep on it tonight and let you know tomorrow when I e-mail you my mailing info. Also, I can Pay-pal you the postage if you'd like. I'm excited to get the original artwork collage...have to find a place to display it. Thanks!
You don't have to decide right away--in fact, I could show you the two by taking pics of them, and you could choose. In fact, that'll give me an excuse to find those, since I moved recently....

Thanks for the postage, but don't worry about it--shouldn't be that much....
Jere's Mom here.
Congrats all! (How'd I get a tenth of a point? Don't remember.)
AJM--Jere's blog refused to recognize my password so I'm on strike.
Jere--I showed your innocent little neices and nephews the Coke Blaq commercial and they absolutely demanded I show it again and pause on the projectile. This allowed them the vicarios thrill of the revulsion ones suffers when watching someone vomit. The next generation is as wacko as the rest of us. (No comment from you BS if you were thinking of making one, thank you.)
Congrats to AJM and Kara! Quiz season was a lot of fun-can't wait till next one!

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