Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yanks Win "Their World Series"

We're way up, and we don't have to see the disgusting Yankees for nine days. Our skeds are similar until then, so I'm hoping we're as far ahead as we are now when we face them next weekend.

Their "World Series".

Spot on, Jere. Spot on.
Ha. I'll never get tired of that joke.....
And they have "another" WS coming up at Fenway, where they'll see Josh and Daisuke, and then sink out of sight!
Up by 15 when the Yanks leave Fenway on the 3rd!!!! Do think that'll shut them up? Beckett/Clemens on Sunday the 3rd. What a nice way to welcome Roger back to the AL East!
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No ads, please. Especially ones for ticket agencies.

Jack: Clemens against the Sox? He'll fake an injury before that happens... Or at his age, get a real one.

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