Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Usual

Thanks to Pamela for sharing her experience Monday night at Yankee Stadium.

If you haven't signed yet, click here for the petition to end crappy interleague play.

Jere,, I signed the petition...and i was surprised there were only 42 signatures! Have a wonderful friend Pete
I just can't believe that. I can see if you show up wearing a Yankees Suck t-shirt or some other intimidating garment, but to simply go to the game and support your team and have this result?

What really steams my clams is that the Red Sox and their fans aren't supposed to matter. We are just like any other competitor, right? Well, what's it going to be, Yankee fans? Is there a rivalry, or not? If we are the ones "so obsessed" with it, why did this poor woman get treated so horribly? And please don't give me the the old "this is an isolated example" garbage, because I've heard countless accounts of this exact thing.
Yankees Fans in Tier, are as bad as the Bleacher Creatures, only they have access to beer by the tractor trailerful:

What drives a Yankees Fan crazy is that someone else's fan knows more of the game;

I once watched ejections up the kazoo in the '01 ALCS, there. I also witnessed the usual 10 or 12-1 Yankees Males, beating the pulp out of a Seattle Fan, with only the Seattle Fan being ejected, perhaps for his own safety;

Note, the Media never talk about it.
There are now 54 Signatures, having just signed the petition:

Over half is Red Sox Nation;

Proud of my "Nation";


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