Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Uncola

Wang, aka the ace, gave up 7 runs on 11 hits today. Vizcano and Henn came in for some mop-up work, and also gave up 7 runs. Texas WINS! 14-2. However, Yankee announcers would have you believe the winner of this game, and savior of our planet, was Derek Jeter. Nothing new there, though.

I'd love to get Wake a win tonight and be 7 up on the division. The Jays are thinking about keeping the roof open, to hinder Wake's knuckler, even though they know rain is on the way. According to Castiglione, the field has no drainage system. Are they really risking ruining their own field to try to get a slight advantage that might not be real anyway? Terrible job, team that wants to be our rival but that we just don't care about. Why do I feel like this move will somehow end up helping the Yankees?

(AP photo) (no comment)

Lovely picture.
Just imagine what pernicious, nefarious comments Michael Leggett is, at this very moment, concocting for comment on that picture. You have literally unearthed his Holy Grail...
Matty...2 words...haha!
A-Rod Admiring Wang's Crown Jewels
HAHAHA!!! Homophobia is so funny!

Not surprised reading this from a Sox fan.

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