Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trying Times

Check out Dave Stewart's opinion on Clemens' comeback. (Not the guy from the Eurythmics, the ex-pitcher.)

I love how the guy in the comments section defends the Yanks at all costs on this one. But note a very important phrase he uses about the Yanks:

they do whatever it takes to try to win.

Haha! I'd say this is a victory for baseball fans everywhere! You know what I'm talkin' about? In the past, it was always, "the Yankees do what it takes to win." This guy, finally coming to the realization that they haven't won jack squat since "Who Let the Dogs Out?" was popular, sneakily alters the saying to: "whatever it takes to try to win."

It makes me happy to picture the guy writing it the "old" way, then going back over his comment and begrudgingly add "try to" to it.

Of course, that they always did what it took to win was BS anyway--they didn't win every year. And honestly, I don't know how hard they're trying to win now. What is it with Torre and the pitching staff? It seems like when a kid starter is doing well, he takes him out way too early. When somebody's crapping the bed, he leaves him in until 8 runs are on the board.

I've never felt baseball managers are very integral to a team's success. (I'm talking American League--I don't know what the hell they're doing over in the NL...) So I always thought people gave Torre too much credit in the late-90s. But how come all I hear now is, "Torre's doing what he can, it's not his fault"? If you're gonna give him credit for the four championships, how about laying some blame on him when they do shitty? Okay, you say he only does what he can with the players provided? I see. So when he's given good pitching, he wins. When he's given bad pitching, he loses. So how does that mean he's doing anything at all? And by the way, he's got a lot of good hitters--a virtual All-Star lineup. And the team's still 13.5 out. Either he's doing something wrong now that he wasn't doing in the late-90s, or he's never done anything at all, good or bad. Which is it?

Victory has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan.
I think I'm one of the few who actually would like to know Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics' take on the Clemens thing.
Zimmer was the key:

Torre cannot be trusted to his own devices;

& will Roger have a groin pull in time for Friday Night?

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