Sunday, May 06, 2007

Still Pist (Have I Used That One Before?)

Red Sox lose close game that they really should've won and stings like hell, while Jere finds out Yanks have no-hitter in seventh, flips it on to see it fortunately come to a quick end. Didn't these same things happen Tuesday night as well?

This is what happens when you drive while on the phone, drunk, without a seatbelt. You die, but more importantly, you risk the lives of innocent people. I had thought it would've taken some beloved celebrity's child by a cell-phone-talkin' driver to make people start to rethink this whole cell phone thing. Maybe what happened to this Josh Hancock asshole will. But since he only killed himself, nobody will do anything. I still wanna know who all you people are talking to. I've talked on a phone, like, twice in the past two weeks, and my life is totally fine. If I did absolutely need to speak with someone, I sure as hell could wait until I finish what I'm doing first.

You'll notice I'm more pissed about the phone than the drunkenness.

Some MLB teams are supposedly tightening their booze-in-clubhouse rules, but, whatever, that's not gonna do anything. If we're all still taking the wheel while boozed up, we're never gonna realize that when we (meaning most people, not me) talk on the phone we drive/walk like we're in a drunken stupor anyway.

I think our only hope is that the next generation will have grown up with cell phones and their parents will be able to teach them how to drive while reminding them to use their phones only in an emergency. Or something. I don't know.


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