Friday, May 25, 2007

Stats Don't Lie

Since 1975*, games the Red Sox played at Texas on the 25th of the month for the first time that season**:

5/25/85: L
5/25/86: W
4/25/87: L
7/25/88: W
8/25/93: L
4/25/00: W
8/25/01: L (game lasted over 6.5 hours)

I'd say we're due for a win tonight.

*I started from '75, since the previous 25th game was in '74, and that's where the back-and-forth streak ends, when working backwards. And we didn't play at Texas after that until '85.

**Meaning if we played at Texas again on a 25th in the same season, that one doesn't count. (Clearly done to keep the back-and-forth in tact.)


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